Membership Registration

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To be able to attend any or our organised digs or rallies, you will require an official membership card to enable UK History Finders to run digs efficiently and in an organised manor.


Since the COVID 19 and with the new detecting regulations coming in the near future it is imperative we are seen to operate in a responsible way.

Each member will be provided a membership card that will be required to be presented along with a valid NCMD or FID membership card to any of our digs.

To do this and cover membership costs there will be a small one off fee of £5.00 and the same for replacement of a lost card.

Terms & Conditions for attending digs are as follows:

No refunds will be given within 7 days of the dig date, unless the dig is canceled or is unable to take place and will be decided UK History Finders admin team. 

You will provide a valid NCMD or FID membership card along with your membership card on arrival to any organised dig. 

You agree to abide by the metal detecting code of conduct and follow the rules as laid down by NCMD. 

All finds to be reported to the admin team for appraisal who will advise on what steps need to be made if it is of historical importance.

The UK History Finders admin have the right to ask any member to stop detecting and leave the dig venue if found to be in breech of any behavior that is deemed inappropriate or bringing the hobby into disrepute.