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Location ... SOMERSET - WELLS

Land ... New Farm

Land Type ... PASTURE

Acres ...Minimum - 350 acres

Toilets.. Yes

Catering Van... Yes

Bar.. Yes

Price - £60 - Full Ticket ( No day tickets for this Event )

None Detecting Camping Only - £15 each

When turning up at the site please try not to upset the residents by blocking the road into the camping site.

Please do not arrive to the site after 21.00 - so please leave early enough to arrive before the 9 o’clock deadline time !

Detecting times will be from 9.00-6.00

If any members are caught detecting outside these times you will be asked to leave site.

Food - There will be Catering Van on site - They will take cash and card payment .

Bar - we have a bar selling alcohol

Toilets will be onsite but please remember this is only a makeshift campsite so we have no electricity or showers to offer although I will provide as much water as i can.


We do try to facilitate means of rubbish disposal, please help us by thinking ahead, try not to bring waisted packaging if it isn't required.

We will follow all government guidelines to make this Event Safe and Secure.

Cancellation by you

If you wish to cancel a booking please note the following cancellation conditions:

 8 weeks or more prior to the event – 100% refund minus any booking fees

 4-8 weeks prior to the event – 50% refund minus any booking fees

 0-4 weeks prior to the event – no refund

Adults / Parents are responsible for their children, please ensure they are safe and are well behaved.

Drone use will be in operation by members of the team this will be followed within the parameters of the law, if you are thinking of launching your own drone you must be lawfully able to do so and be aware of the privacy laws. (You know the drill)

As always please make sure you all respect the farmers site and land, you must always fill your holes, remove scrap and bring and use head phones at all times unless Admin have cleared you not to.

Our Land owner has given us permission to use a BBQ but this MUST be raised above ground level as not to burn/kill the grass. I’m sorry but this is a strict rule we must follow.

If you wish to bring a dog please make sure it stays on a lead 24/7 and is well behaved as to keep a peaceful environment.

Driving your vehicle around the site during the day or driving to get easier access to fields is not allowed. you can only move your vehicle when leaving the site completely.

Reminder that Land maps will be issued upon collecting your armbands. You must stick to the fields provided that day.

Make sure you are up to scratch with procedures regarding finding treasure related items and we urge all members to report all finds of interest to your local FLO

Any Hoard finds or treasure items are to be reported to our admin who will advice you on what to do and will take charge of any extraction of hoards or treasure related items.

Please DO NOT attempt to remove such items on your own as you may disturb important historical information and will be breaking the law.

During the course of the weekender please photograph your finds and post them on our Facebook group site so other group members can be kept up to date, if your unable to do this please feel free to ask admin.

All members attending any UK HISTORY FINDERS dig are reminded not to use our events as an opportunity to promote or sell product as we have our own sponsors and outlets for all your MD needs.

Anyone caught selling illegal substances will be reported to the police and asked to leave the site.

Myself and the admin team would like to thank you all for participating in our main event.

We will do our upmost to make sure you have a great weekend but please remember we can’t put history in the ground to find. We can though bring you this fantastic area of land and have chosen it carefully. We think this is our finest land and that’s why we have kept it just for this event.